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Sunday, December 2nd 2012

11:35 AM

A Few Lesser Known Jobs Within Medicine

When people thinks of a career within medicine there are typically a handful of careers which instantly pop into your head - physicians and also nurses.

But what many individuals never realize is that there's a whole bunch of different jobs that have to be performed by individuals of all degrees of intellect.

So should you be thinking about a career within medicine and would like to know what a handful of your other options are, then allow me to share several job opportunities which you might not know much about.


You've probably figured this out already, but for many doctors the education and instruction is just starting once you have completed your post graduate medical studies.

From there there's the option of stepping into one of the many specialties available. One of those specialties is anesthesiology.

The work profile is relatively straightforward - administer the drugs needed for patients who are going to be undergoing surgical treatment, and monitor them whilst under the anesthesia to be sure that absolutely nothing goes wrong.

Even though the profile is pretty simple, it's another 4 years of instruction and education simply because of the tremendous responsibility this sort of medical doctor is entrusted with.

But even for a physician it is a very well paid career. And it's one of the doctor careers that requires relatively small amounts of face to face communication with patients, making it alluring for certain people.

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Medical Lab Tech

As the title would imply, the medical lab tech gets to spend much of their working life undertaking lab work. And in a medical facility there's no shortage of work to be completed in the laboratory.

On a given working day the laboratory tech could possibly be required to prepare samples which must be analysed; test urine or blood for drugs and other chemical compounds; analyse bodily fluids for the presence or deficiency of various substances; talk about the results of test results to relevant parties.

This is simply a sample of the sort of thing the medical technician will carry out but it offers you a sense of the sort of scope of responsibility they've got.

If you are the type of individual who is both excited about scientific disciplines and is also eager to work in some sort of medical field this may be exactly the type of career that you'd be ideal for.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Not all careers within medicine are related to dealing with patients. For all the treatment performed, there is a significant requirement for doctors as well as nurses to be supplied with assistance to enable them to get everything completed that must be done.

A cna does exactly that.

They are called upon to manage any jobs which are not directly connected to medical care.

As an example they are going to look after the patients needs while they're recuperating from surgery - such as checking vital signs, delivering them with food and drink, keeping their hospital room tidy, helping the patient move to the restroom and so on.

This is an extremely significant job that's suitable for people with a genuine wish to help unwell individuals, but may not necessarily hold the qualities required to become a healthcare professional.

Careers in medicine are certainly not limited to merely doctors or registered nurses - there's such a wide selection of jobs to pick from that if medicine is where you want to be than you should have no difficulty finding a job suits you perfectly

Ideally one of the jobs above is of interest to you, however if they aren't that's o.k - these ought to be seen as just the starting place that you use to keep researching your alternatives.
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